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Fact vs. Fiction

Read the roulette facts before you lose money with the roulette fiction.

RouletteWe do not sell roulette systems so we have nothing to hide. We seperate facts from fiction.

Our main attraction: the Roulette Fact and Fiction guide (free download). It contains easy-to-understand but correct roulette information on 125 pages: roulette ABC, roulette systems, roulette strategy, roulette probability, roulette odds, roulette scammers, roulette myths, roulette gambling psychology, etc.

All the information in our guide and on our site was checked by a statistician, an ex-croupier and several experienced roulette players.

Roulette Fact and Fiction Guide

Everything you always wanted to know about roulette, but were afraid to ask.

  • Do people really win money playing roulette?
  • How do I calculate and analyse the odds?
  • What is the psychology behind the game?
  • Can a dealer really influence the run of the ball?
  • Do roulette systems, strategies and devices work?
  • What can I do in order to save my bankroll?
  • What is a ‘scammer’ or a ‘con artist’?
  • What is wheel bias, how do I calculate it?
  • What is the house-edge, how do I calculate it?
  • What is standard deviation, how do I calculate it?
  • How does one get addicted to roulette?
  • And much, much more: what is variance, chi square test, probability theory, investigation of computer and visual ballistics, …

You do not need any previous math or statistical knowledge: everything is explained in an easy to understand manner.

What’s the content of this website?

  • In the about us section you’ll find the motivation why we started this free project. Who are we and what are our qualifications to make such bold statements?
  • In the questions section we’ve answered some common roulette questions from readers.
  • In the roulette abc section you’ll find an easy and summarized explanation of typical roulette expressions and words.
  • In the literature section you’ll find books we have read and reviewed ourselves based on the opinion of several experienced players, a statistician and an ex-dealer.
  • In the scams & fraud section we warn you for the different types of misleading advertisements roulette strategy sellers use to seduce you into buying a roulette strategy.
  • In the links section we gathered and reviewed the best roulette software, literature, websites and forums you can find on the internet.
  • In the download section you’ll find the original free John Solitude Roulette Guide.

What is the major difference between this site and many other roulette related sites out there

  • We are not roulette strategy sellers, as such we do not need to lie to you about your chances in order to sell you a product.
  • We tell it to you like it is: when you gamble, there is risk involved. Never forget this, and never let someone try to convince you otherwise.
  • To develop this site and the free John Solitude Roulette Fact and Fiction Guide large amounts of time and energy were invested in research by several experienced players, a statistician and an ex-dealer.
  • All the information offered is based on solidarity with players worldwide.

Please do not forget

We distribute the John Solitude Roulette Guide completely for free!

125 pages crammed full with information on facts, fiction and myths about roulette, information ON probability theory, statistics, the psychology of gambling, how to develop a reasonable playing strategy and money management, how to avoid the casino, scammers and conmen milk you like a cow.

This is simply the largest and most elaborated free roulette guide you’ll find on the internet.

In any case, before you ever buy any roulette strategy on the internet, we advise you to first read our John Solitude’s Roulette Fact And Fiction Guide about roulette. This way you’ll become a more informed player who is more aware of the risk, and will be less vulnerable to believe all kinds of ridiculous statements from roulette strategy sellers.