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We started this website and the free distribution of the John Solitude Roulette Fact and Fiction Guide to counteract the (often very expensive) and independable commercial products concerning roulette strategies.

It is NOT because a system, strategy or device costs hundreds of dollars it is dependable.

Many system and strategy sellers are offended and will try to discredit us, because we exposed them for what most of them are: cheap scammers and conmen who overcharged you and did not warn you for the risk.

We inform you of the risk that is ALWAYS involved when playing roulette: let nobody EVER convince you otherwise.

Many have lost great fortune believing misleading advertisements which are deliberately spread by commercial sellers who only care about your cash.

Any roulette strategy seller these days has added a ‘disclaimers’ paragraph, often in very small print, to protect him against unsatisfied customers (of which there are thousands). You will not find a disclaimer paragraph on this site, simply because we do not have to hide the truth: when you play roulette you are at risk of losing no matter what system, strategy or device you use.

John Solitude’s Roulette Fact and Fiction Guide

Roulette is probably the casinogame surrounded with the highest amount of ‘mythology’ and ‘hear says’. The internet is literally swamped with disinformation and misleading¬†advertisements concerning your odds to win on roulette.

If you do not know the difference between fact and fiction you will lose money.

Roulette Fact and Fiction is a 125 pages free pdf guide, revised by a statistician and an ex-dealer and covers a large amount of topics you should know about before ever risking your money.

You do NOT need any previous mathematical or statistical knowledge to understand our guide. Everything is explained in a simple, step-by-step but correct statistical manner.

If you have questions on the following topics…

  • Do people really win money by playing roulette?
  • What is the psychology the casino uses against you?
  • How do I calculate my chances correctly?
  • Can a croupier really influence the outcome of a spin?
  • What is this thing called probability theory?
  • What is standard deviation and why is it so important you know what it is.
  • Do roulettesystems, strategies and devices work?
  • What is a scammer or conmen? How do I recognize one?
  • How can I save my bankroll?
  • What is variance, chi square test, … and much much more.

… look no further, this is it.

Warning: Please note that this guide is a little bit outdated. Some links in this PDF-File may not work.
A revised version will be available soon.

Click here to download Roulette Fact and Fiction guide
(12,5 MB PDF-File)

Roulette Wheel Frequency Analysis Excel Spreadsheet

How does it work?

  • Introduce the amount of times each number has dropped to calculate the mean, min. and max appearance, standard deviation and probability odds fully automated
  • Graphical representation of the wheel distribution
  • Can be used in real time while playing online roulette
  • Full explication of the different statistical features in our latest guide
  • Available in single or double zero version

Casinos use similar spreadsheets to monitor the tables for bias.

The Excel Spreadsheet introduced in the guide is at this moment not available for download. Please be patient as we work on an improved version.

Click here to download Roulette Wheel Frequency Analysis Excel Spreadsheet
(at the moment disabled)