John Solitude’s Recommended Links and Reviews

The links in this section have been selected and reviewed based on content. The opinions are based on those of a qualified statistician, an ex-dealer and several experienced roulette players.

  • Ion Saliu

    Ion Saliu’s site is probably the weirdest combination of philosophy, mathematics and gambling related topics you’ll find on the internet.
    Ion offers free roulette software, but also a wide range of analysis programs for blackjack, baccarat, lotteries and horse racing.
    All the programs by Ion have a very basic interface, but they are ideal for number crunchers who already have a basic understanding of probability theory. We especially recommend ‘Superformula.exe’ which is a great tool for quick probability analysis.

  • The layman’s guide to probability theory

    Peter Webb is the author of the highly informative website on probability theory, and a sophisticated and successful gambler.
    It is not a surprise he urges the readers to rather look into sports betting and the stock market instead of gambling on random independent games such as roulette.
    An indispensable website for all those who seek a quick and hands on introduction into stats and probability theory.

  • Introduction to probability; by Charles M. Grinstead and J. Laurie Snell

    This is a free 503 (!) pages online pdf-file which covers the main topics you need to know to better evaluate your chances for any game possible.
    Learn about the famous Bernoulli trials (the man who flipped coins), binomial probability, the central limit theorem, standard deviation and the Gamblers ruin.
    This free pdf guide doesn’t specifically deal with roulette but covers probability theory for a wide range of applications.

  • Gamblers Anonymous

    A smart gambler is NOT a compulsive gambler.
    It is necessary you remain in control when and how much your gamble. When gambling turns into an obsessive way to spend your spare time your are on the wrong track.
    If you feel you have lost self-control or your losses are far worse then you can cope with, PLEASE STOP GAMBLING and seek professional help. You can check the 20 questions list of Gamblers Anonymous and find out if your gambling behavior is becoming into an addicted nature.
    Sadly the Gamblers Anonymous organization is not offering a online forum so compulsive gamblers are at this time not able to interact with each other online. And, the website could offer more information than now is the case; a missed opportunity.
    Never the less, we mention this website because it’s obvious organizations dealing with the shadow side of the gambling industry, can simply not afford the same expenditure on advertising as casinos do.